Shadrach White

Shadrach is the CEO of a company that is positioned to help facilitate new contracts within government sector jobs. He when making his company, was able to find a niche within the government bidding contract market and exploit the system finding purchase for him and his company. He noticed a coming trend in the changing laws and was able to leverage that change to maneuver into an extremely closed off market place. The government as a market place is painfully slow to maneuver and once it has a working system that is tested it holds onto the tried and tested methods rather than adapt new uncertain ways. Shadrach was able to gain traction once the laws concerning the legalization of marijuana changed in the state of Washington and was able to position his company to provide government facilitation with the new market that was going to develop. His recounting of his positioning into the new market and gaining a foothold amongst the bureaucracy of government work was very informative. He was able to shed light on an industry that I don’t believe many have been thinking about and help was able to provide caution about marketing. While CloudPWR was able to ride the marijuana industry into a position of security within the field they did not become tied to them. At one point he was able to make a decision about the overall focus of his company and the question rose, do you want to be a marijuana branded company? At first the answer was why not? However, after some introspection the answer became why? Why would you tie a company to one specific niche market especially if that market may still have lingering stigma attached to it? Shadrach still is a major player in the market that helped elevate his company into the government sector, but by not tying himself to only one industry he is now able to bid for and win contracts that he otherwise would have been passed over for.


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