Three Business Ideas:

So, for our first official assignment we need to come up with three ideas that we may be able to turn into businesses or at least develop a sound business plan around. The ideas that I have come up with are as follows:
1: Tiny Houses: building and purchasing a number of tiny houses around the country and possibly overseas that share common traits with one another that are available for rent through an app like AirBnB.The homes themselves will be designed for an environmentally neutral lifestyle that people are currently interested in and allows them to see what the lifestyle is about without making a hard plunge into the scene. The technologies needed will be those that are designed to showcase the latest in ecologically friendly designs and solutions. This will allow for a network of rental properties that can come with a strong brand name in the developing market of tiny living.

2. Beer: using an app and website combination similar to that of Blue Apron or Hello F…

Intro Post

This post is a way of introduction, as well as establishment of this blog.
     Firstly my name is David Monaghan and I was coerced into starting this blog by my instructor Andrew Fry at University of Washington Tacoma. Under his request, and for the rewards of a good grade, we in the Entrepreneurship course were told to start a blog to record our thoughts on the lectures in the class and the guest speakers who come in. In addition to these posts I may if my fancy strikes will post about my various interests including board gaming, D&D, outdoor activities, travel, food etc. However at this time I am under a guided leash, albeit one that I am paying tuition to have, from my professor to write my opinions of class events. This post will be the first of those. 
     The class in question as I stated before is Entrepreneurship, aka TINST 475. This class will be according to the syllabus will cover the details of starting a business in the ever growing technology industry. It doesn…